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White Space:


Overlap: Bowie for M.A.C.

Needing to do a cosmetic ad for class, I figured if MAC makeup were around when Bowie was Ziggy Stardust, he would have used it.




Repetition of Color: BIBA art deco ad

BIBA ushered in the Deco revival of the early 70’s, so thats what I was going for. A mix of The Great Gatsby and Taxi Driver…blurred colors on a rainy street to match eye shadow and lip stick…the model is Kate Moss, i just painted her face and hair:


Below: scene from Taxi Driver:

Below: Twiggy modeling BIBA 1970’s:

Below: The Great Gatsby

Below: scene from Taxi Driver

Below: Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver

Balance Project:

If the greatest guitar player (still living), Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, had his own cologne, it would have top notes of bourbon, cigarettes, and incense, mid notes of opium, suede and bergamot, and base notes of dirt, vodka and decay. It might be called HEROIN. I went with Keef.  The main picture is of a young Richards pool side in Morocco. The pretentious ‘roman’ font is called Perpetua…The bottle reflection was done by duplicating the layer and flipping it, then reducing the fill/opacity, then dusting with an airbrush. Same for the lettering. All the type got ‘Satin’ and gradient overlay…


Balance Project: Asymmetry

Rayban Wafarer’s have were around long before the 80’s (even though people generally associate them with the 80’s). With that in mind, I decided to use the most obnoxious style I could think of for my ad requiring in-formal balance….MEMPHIS. No, not the place in Tennessee…the Italian design group that spawned this bizarre style that helped give the 1980’s so much of its garish color and “pop” gibberish….They seemed to use a lot of busy pattern and pointless shapes floating in space…Things i searched for when piecing this together were: checkerboard pattern, cheetah print, Mead Composition notebook…The main photo of the girl in the hood in actually Debbie Harry (Blondie)….I saw she was wearing a ring so I made a giant ‘memphis’ ring over it,see?  The jumbled shapes and patterns with the intense flash give the sensation of being in a crowded space, as if you are bumping into the subject. This discord hopefully (maybe naturally) causes the viewer to look to the ‘safety’ of the white box, where you see the product. Trying to convey celebrity-like status to the viewer and have them associate it with the product was my main goal…trying to get the viewer to feel the pushy, flashy chaos of fame and see the sunglasses as the shield, or protector, of the subject wearing them.

Mid-Term Project

My mid-term project for intro PS class last semester. This is a sad attempt to make ‘vector’ looking art in PS. The subject matter is an imaginary psychedelic band from the ’60’s. It was inspired by The Rolling Stones and Beatles records where seemingly random images were cut and pasted in a collage to form bizarre imagery that couldn’t actually be photographed….Like the sitar player sitting on a Vox AC-30 amplifier….The cartoon-looking poppies have skull faces and turn into fish-hooks….neon cobras stand guard…the Taj Mahal IS a shadow, which doesn’t make much sense given the size of it in real-life…but  that would be the point of this imaginary album: it doesn’t mean anything. At a time in which the masses wanted to suck every drop of meaning out of  bands albums, I think they purposely made record covers that embodied ‘Dada-ism’ and silly constructivism and were meant simply for main-stream consumption….

Community Promotion

This was made last semester (my first at TSTC) for the intro. PS class. We were asked to make a community promotion. I went to high school in Temple, unfortunately….. I wanted to evoke a taste of W.P.A. (Work Progress) style in this, without becoming too illustrated. WPA-style  was idealistic and glossed over the reality of many aspects of American life in the midst of drepression. Trying to promote a ‘small town’ in Texas seems well suited for this style. Gloss over the reality with grand gestures, beaming rays of light. A vintage map of Temple is in the background, a large water-tower dominating the foreground. Rays of light rise triumphantly from the horizon to give the water-tower and the text ‘Temple Texas’ a powerful stance. The small ‘snap shot’ pictures of my neighborhood were taken on my iPhone using the Hipstamatic app, which tries to emulate various vintage films and cameras. I used desaturated colors and tones to give the whole piece a nostalgic feel…The best thing I could think of to promote Temple was their water quality…which in itself is kind of a joke…





Birthday invitation

I made this for my brothers 30th at the request of my sister-in-law. I started out aiming to make this have the look of a ‘show poster’ for a band (he is a musician) or event and give it a kinetic, grunge feel. The ’30th’ focal point was added last and seemed to change the feel some… from the disconnected modernist look to a more ‘classic’ neo-victorian feel to put emphasis on (and add ‘grand’ status to) the fact that he is turning 30, which seems like a milestone for most young people…Still wanting to convey that it will in fact be a birthday (rather than a concert..) I added minimalist, symbolic candles to the word ‘birthday’ using custom shapes and a transparent brush. The balloons were done the same way. The ‘drab’ color palette was chosen to match my brothers office, as I was asked to make an invite that could be printed poster size and framed for display. I wanted it to read top to bottom, and have the reader be informed of the information in a specific order: what the poster is (invite), who its for (Justin), what its for (30th)(Birthday), when (the date) (7:30) and where (address)…Using small suggestive arrows the viewer hopefully follows them to the next piece of information. The time was stylized like a digital clock to give separation from the date…