Birthday invitation

I made this for my brothers 30th at the request of my sister-in-law. I started out aiming to make this have the look of a ‘show poster’ for a band (he is a musician) or event and give it a kinetic, grunge feel. The ’30th’ focal point was added last and seemed to change the feel some… from the disconnected modernist look to a more ‘classic’ neo-victorian feel to put emphasis on (and add ‘grand’ status to) the fact that he is turning 30, which seems like a milestone for most young people…Still wanting to convey that it will in fact be a birthday (rather than a concert..) I added minimalist, symbolic candles to the word ‘birthday’ using custom shapes and a transparent brush. The balloons were done the same way. The ‘drab’ color palette was chosen to match my brothers office, as I was asked to make an invite that could be printed poster size and framed for display. I wanted it to read top to bottom, and have the reader be informed of the information in a specific order: what the poster is (invite), who its for (Justin), what its for (30th)(Birthday), when (the date) (7:30) and where (address)…Using small suggestive arrows the viewer hopefully follows them to the next piece of information. The time was stylized like a digital clock to give separation from the date…


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