Community Promotion

This was made last semester (my first at TSTC) for the intro. PS class. We were asked to make a community promotion. I went to high school in Temple, unfortunately….. I wanted to evoke a taste of W.P.A. (Work Progress) style in this, without becoming too illustrated. WPA-style  was idealistic and glossed over the reality of many aspects of American life in the midst of drepression. Trying to promote a ‘small town’ in Texas seems well suited for this style. Gloss over the reality with grand gestures, beaming rays of light. A vintage map of Temple is in the background, a large water-tower dominating the foreground. Rays of light rise triumphantly from the horizon to give the water-tower and the text ‘Temple Texas’ a powerful stance. The small ‘snap shot’ pictures of my neighborhood were taken on my iPhone using the Hipstamatic app, which tries to emulate various vintage films and cameras. I used desaturated colors and tones to give the whole piece a nostalgic feel…The best thing I could think of to promote Temple was their water quality…which in itself is kind of a joke…






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