Mid-Term Project

My mid-term project for intro PS class last semester. This is a sad attempt to make ‘vector’ looking art in PS. The subject matter is an imaginary psychedelic band from the ’60’s. It was inspired by The Rolling Stones and Beatles records where seemingly random images were cut and pasted in a collage to form bizarre imagery that couldn’t actually be photographed….Like the sitar player sitting on a Vox AC-30 amplifier….The cartoon-looking poppies have skull faces and turn into fish-hooks….neon cobras stand guard…the Taj Mahal IS a shadow, which doesn’t make much sense given the size of it in real-life…but  that would be the point of this imaginary album: it doesn’t mean anything. At a time in which the masses wanted to suck every drop of meaning out of  bands albums, I think they purposely made record covers that embodied ‘Dada-ism’ and silly constructivism and were meant simply for main-stream consumption….


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