Balance Project: Asymmetry

Rayban Wafarer’s have were around long before the 80’s (even though people generally associate them with the 80’s). With that in mind, I decided to use the most obnoxious style I could think of for my ad requiring in-formal balance….MEMPHIS. No, not the place in Tennessee…the Italian design group that spawned this bizarre style that helped give the 1980’s so much of its garish color and “pop” gibberish….They seemed to use a lot of busy pattern and pointless shapes floating in space…Things i searched for when piecing this together were: checkerboard pattern, cheetah print, Mead Composition notebook…The main photo of the girl in the hood in actually Debbie Harry (Blondie)….I saw she was wearing a ring so I made a giant ‘memphis’ ring over it,see?  The jumbled shapes and patterns with the intense flash give the sensation of being in a crowded space, as if you are bumping into the subject. This discord hopefully (maybe naturally) causes the viewer to look to the ‘safety’ of the white box, where you see the product. Trying to convey celebrity-like status to the viewer and have them associate it with the product was my main goal…trying to get the viewer to feel the pushy, flashy chaos of fame and see the sunglasses as the shield, or protector, of the subject wearing them.


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