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Romeo + Juliet

A movie poster dedicated to the 1996 film version of said Shakespeare title. First, the background in a huge picture of a white concrete wall that was flaking. Next, I use my palm tree brushes to suggest the beach setting of (Fair) ‘Verona Beach’. This layer is given a gradient overlay set to ‘vivid light’ and thin opacity. Next, I use my favorite font(i suppose…) ‘Headline One’ for the title. ‘Romeo + Juliet’ are rasterized and given a grunge treatment with a hi-res brush. Moving on to the skull and pistols. Two huge pictures of Desert Eagle pistols were used. They have a gradient overlay to give them a chrome look, also the exposure has been greatly increased. The grips of each gun was selected using the polygonal laso, then I used a hi-res grunge brush the emulate a pearl grip using a pale teal color. The two emblems are for Montegue and Capulet, found them on Deviant art. They ¬†were treated with a bevel and emboss, gradient overlay and reduction in saturation. The pistols also have a teal outer glow and thin stroke to give them a graphic look. The roses are from a picture of some kind of cake decoration I found but I gave them a gradient overlay in red/black and they came out ok. They also feature a teal stroke. The rosary chain was given ‘satin’ and pieced together by cutting and pasting sections of it until it had a flow…The banner is a custom shape, rasterized, then grunged up with a brush. The quote is from the play, and the font is called ‘Be-knighted’. Finally, using a large spray-paint brush, I gave a backdrop to the images….***EDIT*** Ok, I feel like I owe fans of this movie better…and myself. There is a huge emphasis put on the characters pistols and I felt Tybalt’s ‘Long Sword’ pistol with the extended barrel needed to be included. So a quick search for ‘Brass Tubing’ …..and here we have it.Extended gun barrel!

An alternate attempt at the HOTCOG logo, this one tries to unify the counties with their own color, there are 6 shades, representing the six counties. The ‘wave’ feature might conjure the Brazos River, which all counties are a part of the Brazos watershed.

Logo 1) All size counties have the Brazos River watershed in common, therefore, I used it and a UNIFIED overlay of all 6 counties.

Logo 2) The Waco suspension bridge is an icon of the area an its ‘arms’ embrace all of THE HEART OF TEXAS

Logo 3) An alternate take on the bridge

Logo 4) The counties almost make a heart…

Logo 5) A ray of light behind the color-unified counties

Logo 6) the HOT Counties emerge from the Texas outline unified but with county lines


C.B. Stubbefield initially got going in Lubbock TX. I was born in Lubbock. His most famous location is in Austin. I lived in Austin for 8 years…Everyone has heard the ‘Keep Austin Weird’ jive, this just waters the saying down even further…First i ‘painted’ the background with large ‘paper texture’ brushes I have. I used a parchment color. Next I found an image of the Stubb’s sign from the Austin location and gave it a sepia photo filter, then lowered the opacity to give it a ‘water-mark’ look.It also has a slight out-glow in burnt orange. For the color contrast, I used an obvious choice for an Austin-based institution: Burnt Orange. These were done with high-resolution ‘grunge’ texture brushes. The font is called ‘Headline One’….I seem to use this often. The brown was taken directly off the bottle to match. The bottle was given a drop shadow……in the words of Hank Hill…”yepp”

In case you try to find this game on the shelf, you wont. It does not exist….First i took a ‘grunge’ background. Next I found the sniper on some forum. A quick search for ‘scope reticle’ brought up a plethora of views through a gun scope. I took the largest one I could find. I gave the sniper figure an ‘outer-glow’ to give it a ¬†‘night-vision’ effect using a pale green. The scope reticle also got an outer-glow, only wider and softer. Moving on to the text: SNIPER DEATH 2 was done in a techno-looking font. I gave it an outer-glow and a gradient overlay with a tight scale. The two arrows under the ‘A’ in ‘DEATH’ were added to give interest to the title. They resemble the chevron distance measuring reticles found in military scopes….. ‘2’ was done in a grunge font i have. I slapped on an EA games logo… “Blast or be blasted”…why not……the final touches were shading done with high-resolution grunge brushes all around the edges of the picture… was really simple…i did it on my lunch break…OOOPS: looks like i forgot to cut out the white space on the tip of his gun sight…WTFE

imaginary steak house . it is however an actual bowling alley/bar in austin….The idea here was to keep it extra crisp an clean. To evoke an old Chicago steak house. The picture is Keith Richards(…again…) dressed up for the Rolling Stones Rock N ROll Circus show that never aired (1968). The color for all the text was taken directly from the smoke coming from his cigar. The picture frame got a gradient overlay. I used nothing more than the Line tool and a couple of custom shapes in Photoshop for the entire thing. The ‘pin-stripes’ behind the photo were from a grunge texture brush I had. I feel they also evoke a grill….I used varrying size points when building the ‘All you need to say is Rare’ copy. It makes an arrow….wooo….Rare was given a reflection(…again…) by duplicating the layer, flipping it, then giving it a gradient overlay and reducing the opacity. Its an easy effect but looks cool….I had a custom shape that was a little flame so I added it to the period on RARE. to keep in line with…you know…the fact that steaks get GRILLED with a flame. Dont go to this address if you are ever in Austin, I don’t know if it exist or what might actually be there. The address text was given a wide kerning.

Circular Unity:

I threw this together in a hurry…nothing much going on here. Started out with a high-res picture of crinkled paper, brushed on grunge stripes, ‘painted’ the grunge circle and Rasta stripes with thinner opacity and flow, the lettering got thick cream colored stroke….Tosh is dead…so this is an imaginary record release poster of sorts. He did have a record called ‘I am the toughest’ though….doubtful he was on Warner Bros records ….doesn’t matter ,its just an exercise. I ‘spray painted’ behind his photo to give it an ‘urban’ drop-shadow. I added a photo filter to the picture as well, almost a sepia but more ‘taupe’ to give it a ‘sweaty’ look…does that make sense? Music listened to while creating: Studio One legends compilation: Downbeat The Ruler.