Circular Unity:

I threw this together in a hurry…nothing much going on here. Started out with a high-res picture of crinkled paper, brushed on grunge stripes, ‘painted’ the grunge circle and Rasta stripes with thinner opacity and flow, the lettering got thick cream colored stroke….Tosh is dead…so this is an imaginary record release poster of sorts. He did have a record called ‘I am the toughest’ though….doubtful he was on Warner Bros records ….doesn’t matter ,its just an exercise. I ‘spray painted’ behind his photo to give it an ‘urban’ drop-shadow. I added a photo filter to the picture as well, almost a sepia but more ‘taupe’ to give it a ‘sweaty’ look…does that make sense? Music listened to while creating: Studio One legends compilation: Downbeat The Ruler.


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