imaginary steak house . it is however an actual bowling alley/bar in austin….The idea here was to keep it extra crisp an clean. To evoke an old Chicago steak house. The picture is Keith Richards(…again…) dressed up for the Rolling Stones Rock N ROll Circus show that never aired (1968). The color for all the text was taken directly from the smoke coming from his cigar. The picture frame got a gradient overlay. I used nothing more than the Line tool and a couple of custom shapes in Photoshop for the entire thing. The ‘pin-stripes’ behind the photo were from a grunge texture brush I had. I feel they also evoke a grill….I used varrying size points when building the ‘All you need to say is Rare’ copy. It makes an arrow….wooo….Rare was given a reflection(…again…) by duplicating the layer, flipping it, then giving it a gradient overlay and reducing the opacity. Its an easy effect but looks cool….I had a custom shape that was a little flame so I added it to the period on RARE. to keep in line with…you know…the fact that steaks get GRILLED with a flame. Dont go to this address if you are ever in Austin, I don’t know if it exist or what might actually be there. The address text was given a wide kerning.


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