In case you try to find this game on the shelf, you wont. It does not exist….First i took a ‘grunge’ background. Next I found the sniper on some forum. A quick search for ‘scope reticle’ brought up a plethora of views through a gun scope. I took the largest one I could find. I gave the sniper figure an ‘outer-glow’ to give it a  ‘night-vision’ effect using a pale green. The scope reticle also got an outer-glow, only wider and softer. Moving on to the text: SNIPER DEATH 2 was done in a techno-looking font. I gave it an outer-glow and a gradient overlay with a tight scale. The two arrows under the ‘A’ in ‘DEATH’ were added to give interest to the title. They resemble the chevron distance measuring reticles found in military scopes….. ‘2’ was done in a grunge font i have. I slapped on an EA games logo… “Blast or be blasted”…why not……the final touches were shading done with high-resolution grunge brushes all around the edges of the picture… was really simple…i did it on my lunch break…OOOPS: looks like i forgot to cut out the white space on the tip of his gun sight…WTFE


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