Romeo + Juliet

A movie poster dedicated to the 1996 film version of said Shakespeare title. First, the background in a huge picture of a white concrete wall that was flaking. Next, I use my palm tree brushes to suggest the beach setting of (Fair) ‘Verona Beach’. This layer is given a gradient overlay set to ‘vivid light’ and thin opacity. Next, I use my favorite font(i suppose…) ‘Headline One’ for the title. ‘Romeo + Juliet’ are rasterized and given a grunge treatment with a hi-res brush. Moving on to the skull and pistols. Two huge pictures of Desert Eagle pistols were used. They have a gradient overlay to give them a chrome look, also the exposure has been greatly increased. The grips of each gun was selected using the polygonal laso, then I used a hi-res grunge brush the emulate a pearl grip using a pale teal color. The two emblems are for Montegue and Capulet, found them on Deviant art. They  were treated with a bevel and emboss, gradient overlay and reduction in saturation. The pistols also have a teal outer glow and thin stroke to give them a graphic look. The roses are from a picture of some kind of cake decoration I found but I gave them a gradient overlay in red/black and they came out ok. They also feature a teal stroke. The rosary chain was given ‘satin’ and pieced together by cutting and pasting sections of it until it had a flow…The banner is a custom shape, rasterized, then grunged up with a brush. The quote is from the play, and the font is called ‘Be-knighted’. Finally, using a large spray-paint brush, I gave a backdrop to the images….***EDIT*** Ok, I feel like I owe fans of this movie better…and myself. There is a huge emphasis put on the characters pistols and I felt Tybalt’s ‘Long Sword’ pistol with the extended barrel needed to be included. So a quick search for ‘Brass Tubing’ …..and here we have it.Extended gun barrel!


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