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Static Web Idea for Flooring Co.

*the picture is not actually GE Kelley Sr, just for demo. purposes


An alternate attempt at the HOTCOG logo, this one tries to unify the counties with their own color, there are 6 shades, representing the six counties. The ‘wave’ feature might conjure the Brazos River, which all counties are a part of the Brazos watershed.

Logo 1) All size counties have the Brazos River watershed in common, therefore, I used it and a UNIFIED overlay of all 6 counties.

Logo 2) The Waco suspension bridge is an icon of the area an its ‘arms’ embrace all of THE HEART OF TEXAS

Logo 3) An alternate take on the bridge

Logo 4) The counties almost make a heart…

Logo 5) A ray of light behind the color-unified counties

Logo 6) the HOT Counties emerge from the Texas outline unified but with county lines